nuclear plants

The FBI and DHS have said there is "no indication of a threat to public safety."
Present-day sea level Estimated worst-case flooding But most nuclear power facilities were built well before scientists understood
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"Everybody from the governor to the botanical society came out against it," said Stan Flint, a lobbyist who led the group
Now that Congress, as part of its fiscal cliff compromise, has given the wind industry a one year extension on its present tax rules, it's time to take a sober look at the real economics behind the struggle between future energy and fossil fuels.
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One year after the disaster at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi, HuffPost World takes a look at the state of nuclear energy around
EVENTS GET AHEAD OF THE REGULATORS Earthquakes can occur in all sorts of locales. In January 1986, a late-morning quake measuring
Some things never change: the Orwellian impulse to hide the truth about nuclear dangers remains one of them.
The Illinois State Senate passed a potentially catastrophic bill lifting the current moratorium on new nuclear power plants with no input from the Nuclear Issues Task Force.