Nuclear Posture Review

His nuclear posture review, if implemented, would waste tens of billions of dollars and make nuclear conflict more likely.
The new missile has a range of more than 3,000 miles.
A draft of the Defense Department's new nuclear strategy says the U.S. could respond to certain “non-nuclear attacks” with nuclear weapons.
President Barack Obama is a stronger president overseas today than he was yesterday. His victory on health care reform is very good for American national security.
Many of us hoped for more from the Nuclear Posture Review. Still, as with the new START treaty, it may not be transformational, but it is transitional.
The elimination of nuclear weapons is actually consistent with conservative Christian theology.
Let us hope and pray that Obama's recent nuclear disarmament accomplishments are steps on the path to the eventual abolition of all nuclear weapons.
It's hard to deny that the new START treaty represents an advance for nuclear disarmers, particularly after the lean years of the Bush administration.