Nuclear Threat

As long as China continues to feed, clothe, and arm regimes like North Korea and Iran, the world will face these kinds of destabilizing nuclear-tipped crises. This is the time for China to stand up so that North Korea (and Iran) will stand down.
White House Response To North Korea Nuclear Threat
This plain-speaking young man in his deep red and gold robes, praying with such intent for all of us, a living Buddha in his own right, expressed a deep compassion for the suffering of the entire planet and all of the living beings on it as he spoke of the nuclear threat.
Iran's top nuclear official had announced his country was near initiating uranium enrichment at a new plant, and the recent leadership change in North Korea means added uncertainty about one of the world's most unpredictable nuclear weapons states.
Israel, in exercising her right to self-defense, might again save the world from a worse scenario, as she did twice before, without any "green light."
Nuclear disarmament is a job for faith -- and for the kind of social movements that faith at its best has always inspired.
President Obama's vision of a world free of nuclear weapons is straight out of Reagan's playbook. The New START treaty shows his resolve to keep America secure, just as the elder Republican did.
There is a real danger that if Iran had nuclear weapons capability it could transfer that to other groups. But the particular threat that Israel is talking up -- that of a conventional nuclear strike from Iran -- is overblown.
Either Iran will be treated like a mini-Soviet Union, a nation of bogeymen with deeply evil intentions, or we will find another way.
The Obama administration's announcement that it will directly participate in meetings with Iran is an overdue move. It isn't America that's put on the spot by Obama's policy shift. It's Iran.
Who would have imagined that President Obama may well determine his historical legacy and reputation on the basis of the way he deals with Iran?