Nuclear War

The twice-impeached former president, the subject of several criminal investigations, said President Joe Biden's administration is risking nuclear war.
Zelenskyy said Putin's threats were a show of weakness, as Russian forces continue to attack Ukraine.
Despite denuclearization negotiations with the Trump administration, researchers spotted maintenance and infrastructure improvements across at least 13 sites.
As President Trump scraps his planned meeting with Kim Jong Un, here’s proof North Korea has been on his mind for a very, very long time.
In the face of impending doom, people did not turn to pornography.
It's the second major North Korea false alarm in the last week.
He didn't even tweet about the false missile alarm as soon as he put away his golf clubs.
Here's how Hawaii residents responded when a false alert notified the state of an attack.
HIs flippancy and ignorance regarding the potential for nuclear war prove Donald Trump is a danger to his nation.
Experts weigh in on what stands between the president and a U.S. nuclear launch. Hint: It's not a button.