nuclear winter

"You don’t actually have to go a hundred years or a thousand years into the future before things can get quite disrupted relative to today."
Dear President-Elect Trump: You will soon have control of the United States nuclear arsenal. If it is ever used, it could kill almost every American, as well as the rest of humanity.
Nuclear proliferation and global warming are two big issues that Donald Trump is wrong about. They're also the two biggest threats to our planet.
A robust defense against terrorism and belligerent adversaries is clearly crucial, but U.S. military strategy can't afford to be soft against the greatest threat of all: accidental nuclear war.
After the December 15 Republican debate, Donald Trump caught some flack for not seeming to know what the nuclear triad is. But how familiar are most people with what the nuclear triad involves?
The most efficient method of quickly reducing the global population, and solving the global warming problem, is by nuclear war.
Skeptical Science is a great website that debunks global warming deniers. But their home page has a box counting up the amount of energy trapped by greenhouse gases in units of Hiroshima atomic bomb energy.
Much depends on Russia's motives, in particular whether it is seeking to keep the peace, as it claims, or if it has an aggressive, expansionist objective.
We have droughts out West and cold, snowy winters and more of these will continue. Will we be able to read the signs, join with our fellow citizens of Earth, and do what we need to do to produce a "new type of thinking?"