"I was an ocean away from anyone who’d made fun of my body ... so I tried to psych myself up for this new adventure."
Barrymore joked about stripping down when Portman revealed what she'd "never do" for a role.
"The show isn’t for everyone, but everyone is interested in it," Darrell Olsen said after the series was accused of being "pornographic."
The "Oppenheimer" actor said people have become "terrified of the human body."
The annual ride is billed as promoting cycling as a key form of transportation and fuel-conscious consumption as well as encouraging body positivity.
Howard Stern asked the actor if she was concerned about nudity branding her as “a different category of actress,” only for Parker to divulge her rightful reasons.
A judge said that the depiction could not be considered child pornography and that the actors filed their claim too late.
“I lost custody of my child,” Stone said. “The judge asked my child, my tiny little, tiny boy, ‘Do you know your mother makes sex movies?’"
The teenage actors were filmed in the nude without their knowledge.
"A centerfold was glamorous and important, two things I believed would somehow transform me."