We all know themed 5ks are all the rage these days, but have you ever ran a 5k totally butt naked? Just outside of the Pacific Northwest city of Spokane, Washington, a nudist ranch has hosted a nude 5k race every summer since 1984.
But the nudists aren't going down without a fight.
No doubt Brad Pitt is celebrating National Nude Day.
Some were artists. Some were students. Some were senior citizens. Some were professional office types. Some were families with kids. A good number had beautiful bodies and a lot didn't. But nearly all of the people gathered for the 10th World Naked Bike Ride had one thing in common.
I talk as much about us as spectators looking at art as I do the art. Nudity frees the spirit. It promotes positive body
Maybe it's their permissive attitude toward public nudity. Maybe they just understand that tan lines are as offensive as taking selfies on the shore. Whatever the reason, topless (not to mention full-on nude) beaches in Europe are plentiful.
Readers seem to be captivated by lists but do they ever wonder where the numbers come from? How does the list writer know there aren't more than eight ways to fall in love after being dumped? Was the author just lazy? Where do the "facts" come from?
The sandbar about 25 miles from Madison is one of the most popular destinations for nude beachgoers. Some estimates say that
Holmes said this summer she had not meant to give up membership immediately, but wanted to talk about her plans. "It never
"Buying Naked" premieres Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 10 p.m. EST. The new two-part special premieres Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 10 p.m
Sneak peek at TLC's newest series "Buying Naked."
Halloween's the scariest time of year for kids and the sexiest for adults. It's the one time of the year where adults become more daring and baring at parties. Last year, for instance, Lady Gaga went to a Halloween party dressed just as a topless mermaid. Where do you go to be your barest?
Another neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, complained of hearing men having sex in the gay-friendly resort. Though
Skinny Dipping has a long honored history in the U.S. It's as American as baseball and apple pie.
Read the full ruling here. It all started when Thomas Wittbold, of Sunny Isles, was threatened with jail time twice, once