My great-uncle was a prison guard at the Nuremberg Trials. He had entered the U.S. Army in the waning days of the Second
I'm just wrapping up three weeks of filming in Germany, and I'm impressed by the souvenirs of its tumultuous history. Doing TV shows on Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Dresden, Leipzig, and Hamburg, you can't avoid the flip side of Germany's greatness.
I've left England and have made my way to Germany, where I'm filming new TV shows for our upcoming season. And my first stop
Thanks for traveling with me so far on my trip. I'm coming down the home stretch in my 2015 travels, with one final leg. I'm
Our country's founding principles of habeus corpus were in a direct response to the "lock them away in the Tower" abuses in Britain. We were going to be different. Oh, I know Guantanamo isn't on American soil, but our flag flies over that prison -- the same one we pledge "liberty and justice for all" to.
When several prominent Kenyans appeared before the ICC recently, they were judged by a legal standard that no one should be above. But to critics, the court itself isn't above politics that too often get in the way of real justice.
McCain has joked that the media is "his base" of support. It was a funny line, but there is a truth at its core: the media has been hard on Obama but unbelievably light on McCain. And this has to stop. Now.
Colonel Morris D. Davis risked his career to expose the injustice of a system that paid his salary. How many have the strength to "turn" in quite this way?
Bush was petty to not call Al Gore to congratulate him on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. (5) Fix the underlying Blackwater