"People aren’t doing what they need to do to protect us," said Jen Sartin as cases soar among the unvaccinated.
Watch this anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist try to prove that the COVID-19 shot makes you magnetic. Spoiler alert: It does not go well.
“Explain to me why the key sticks to me. It sticks to my neck, too," RN Joanna Overholt told Ohio lawmakers after an aluminum key failed to stick to her neck.
A TikTok video of an energetic health care worker is making the rounds on social media. People are calling Nurse Angie "the cutest" and "a hero."
A Cincinnati city councilman has called for the nurse to be fired from a Hamilton hospital. She told a commenter on Facebook that her account had been hacked.
A 22-week-old baby, Cullen Potter “graduates” in a cap and gown after spending 160 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
This mental health professional hopes to shed the stigma associated with mental illness by speaking about her experience.
Faith Linthicum started a self-promoting GoFundMe campaign after she was fired for her heartless comment on Facebook.
This tiny Pill has changed the lives of women across the world - and it all started with a nurse named Margaret Sanger. #NationalNursesWeek
Sure enough, at home later that afternoon, it did. Dr. Kim ordered an X-ray, which I tried to avoid in the first place. Then
See my article: No, I Can't Sit Down: What It's Like Having an Open Wound that Will Never Heal Amy Oestreicher is a PTSD
I often think about what it means to be a preemie, how I’m part of this group of fighters.
Police say Elizabeth Wettlaufer, 49, poisoned the victims over a seven-year period.
"We love you!" Carol said. But Anilee, 30, the mother of two toddlers who also has been a photojournalist and studied to
She says we all need to give ourselves more credit for what we do.
Circumstances don't take notice of personal agendas, and the universe won't always care about your feelings. So let's be
You’re pregnant. All of a sudden, your world turns upside down in a right side up kind of way. A small stick with a plus