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The actor hopes his announcement will help combat anti-LGBTQ bigotry.
"Being gay is about creativity. It's about exploration. It's about uniqueness."
TV Producer, Richie Jackson, explains that, "being gay is about creativity, exploration, and uniqueness."
Dominic Fumusa's Favorite 'Nurse Jackie' Moment
Paul Schulze's Favorite 'Nurse Jackie' Moment
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Edie Falco's Favorite 'Nurse Jackie' Moment
When the director yells "cut," Falco knows she can take off her scrubs and return home to her children, her real life.
If you have been a constant fan of this series, you are going to love these final episodes. When it is over, there are still questions to be answered, but you will have a sense of satisfaction (depending on your viewpoint) as to where it leaves the story.
"The Mentalist" When it's ending: Spring 2015. Where to watch: Seasons 1-7 are available on iTunes. A lot of your favorite
The women of Showtime's TV series just broke down exactly why sex scenes on television are so important. "We don’t do the
Our 'hero' -- Riggin (literally and figuratively) -- is haunted by the voice of his iconic movie character, Batman, er, Birdman. He is often in the throes of human despair. Or he experiences what might be called the 'magic realism' of levitating, flying and causing much mischief.
Wendy & Lisa's Emmy winning Nurse Jackie title theme: Wendy & Lisa retrospective (Produced by Dan DeSouza): In much the same
Emmy-award winning actress Merritt Wever joins us live to dish on the new season of "Nurse Jackie" which premieres this Sunday on Showtime!
Merritt Wever joins HuffPost Live to discuss her famous Emmy speech.
Merritt Wever joins HuffPost Live to discuss working with Edie Falco on the show "Nurse Jackie."
"Nurse Jackie" was renewed for a sixth season in June 2013 and at the time Showtime President David Nevins said, "Under the