Nurse practitioner

Five people working through the coronavirus pandemic — or living with someone who is — share their worries and anxieties.
Doctors and nurses in one of the nation's poorest, blackest big cities are fighting a raging coronavirus outbreak and a flawed health care system. Here's what life is like for them right now.
Most counties in the U.S. don't have a single child psychiatrist, new research says.
I had known, when I entered psychiatry first as a nurse and later as a nurse practitioner, that I would treat suicidal and homicidal people.
There's a shortage of abortion providers in rural areas nationwide, but a handful of lawsuits could change that.
"We believe it is important that nursing be part of the national conversation on the repeal and replacement of the ACA and
By Corrie Pikul Click through the slideshow below for six inspiring nurses' stories. There are over 3 million registered