Blue for boys and pink for girls? Time to bid adieu to that tired old rule and usher in the new wave of cozy, modern, non-gendered nurseries. The best part about a neutral aesthetic? You can start planning--and pinning--nice and early. Happy daydreaming.
Looking at these five expecting stars below who've each styled their celeb-bumpities uniquely -- Chrissy Tiegen, Emily Blunt, Liv Tyler, Ivanka Trump and Anne Hathaway -- I've distilled the essence of their maternity style and made the following nursery-inspired recommendations.
4. Opt for a light, neutral wall color Creating an airy feel in a cramped space can be easy as painting the walls a light
Ensuring that your little girl or boy has a joyful, cozy, and -- most importantly -- safe space to come home to is obviously of chief concern as they prepare for the arrival.
But that doesn't mean I won't let her play with trucks, or wear blue, or play in the dirt. The minute she tells me she doesn't
After searching in vain for official merchandise to decorate the room as he'd envisioned, Swain decided to build it all himself
Keep scrolling for design inspiration! Interior designer Susie Kurkowski recommends playing around with the wall colors in
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Preparing your "nest" isn't as simple as it seems. A new report published by the UN and WHO calls Endocrine Disruptors a "global threat" that needs to be addressed. What does this have to do with you?