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Looking at these five expecting stars below who've each styled their celeb-bumpities uniquely -- Chrissy Tiegen, Emily Blunt, Liv Tyler, Ivanka Trump and Anne Hathaway -- I've distilled the essence of their maternity style and made the following nursery-inspired recommendations.
4. Opt for a light, neutral wall color Creating an airy feel in a cramped space can be easy as painting the walls a light
After searching in vain for official merchandise to decorate the room as he'd envisioned, Swain decided to build it all himself
Keep scrolling for design inspiration! Interior designer Susie Kurkowski recommends playing around with the wall colors in
Because halfway through decorating my son's nursery, I realized something about the process. I realized that my attention to detail and obsessive compulsive tendencies were less about making a Pinterest-perfect room and more about simply making room.
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Little ones and grown-ups alike will welcome these whimsical animal friends into their hearts and homes this holiday season.
There is a baby boom in Hollywood that shows no sign of slowing down. Just like we are influenced by celebrities in fashion choices, the influence of how they deck out their babies' nurseries is ever present now more than ever!