The story behind the viral photo is a tribute to nurses everywhere.
Time to clean out that bathroom storage space ASAP.
A statement from Guinness World Records explained that officials didn't want to mistake her for a doctor.
"I wish I could reel it back," state Sen. Maureen Walsh said of her remarks on the Senate floor last week.
Don't worry: Banner Desert Medical Center promises their shifts will be covered when they go on maternity leave.
Sure, the work schedule can be tough. But seeing your partner do meaningful work makes it all worth it.
As society becomes more aware of the adverse impact that daily stressors have on health and happiness, more people have turned
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“I have lost faith and confidence in your ability to continue to serve,” the police chief told Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne.
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The combination of an exodus of RNs and an influx of aging patients could create a health care crisis.
The nurse refused to let Detective Jeff Payne take blood from an unconscious patient without having a warrant.
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Usually, though, it's not at the hands of police officers.
In honor of Nurse Appreciation Week, we're celebrating their powerful role in childbirth.
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You will never know just how much you did for me that day or how much seeing your face gave me the strength to get through the most difficult time in my life.
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While nurses are committed to caring for their patients, unfortunately, many struggle to take care of themselves.