Nursing home care

The nation's first coronavirus fatality occurred at a hospital in same Seattle suburb as long-term care facility.
“The room was filled with people who wanted to die."
A former nurse was charged with the sexual assault.
The story is similar to a recent case in Arizona, where a woman in a vegetative state was raped and later gave birth.
Inadequate staffing and employee training are two common problems that have led to injuries and death in assisted living facilities.
As more Americans enter long-term care, mobile polling may ensure their right to vote.
While Medicare does not set a minimum resident-to-staff ratio, it does require the presence of a registered nurse for eight hours a day and a licensed nurse at all times.
The state’s Department of Health is sending out notices to 37,000 Medicaid recipients, warning them of a possible loss of benefits because of budget cuts.
The nurses, aides, activity directors and other long-term care facility employees spend a tremendous amount of time with your loved one. They are the ones who help shower, dress and feed residents who need assistance with these tasks. The following list of things you should never do will help you avoid pitfalls that can occur when interacting with long-term care employees.
The rules and requirements for Medicaid eligibility for nursing home care are somewhat complicated and will vary according to the state you live in. With that said, here's a general, simplified rundown of what it takes to qualify, along with some resources you can turn to for help.
Poor care and neglect are still too common an occurrence in the approximately 16,000 nursing homes in the United States.