nursing in public

Yesterday, when I took a bite out of my apple at the park, nobody stopped to notice. I was hungry, so I ate. And the world didn't stop turning.
World Breastfeeding week is almost here -- a week to celebrate breastfeeding, to inform mothers and to show our support for normal infant feeding.
It's not often that a video making the rounds on Facebook brings tears to my eyes. But the video posted by mom, Jessie Maher, of a man verbally assaulting her for breastfeeding her baby at Target has done just that.
"I think seeing these women is an inspiration. It empowers us."
"I wanted to share a story that any mom could read, no matter how they feed their child, and feel encouraged in knowing they’re making the right choices."
Why -- why -- do people assume that babies, toddlers and children who are breastfed receive no other food or drink? Nil. Zip. Diddly squat. On what planet does that make even an ounce of sense?