nusra front

The militant organization is one of the most powerful in Syria, and is an internationally designated terror group.
ISTANBUL – Following the start of the U.S. and Russia-brokered ceasefire in February, civilians across the country took to
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes were carried out by Syrian aircraft, despite a month-long "cessation of hostilities."
They were labeled "second-hand clothes" to avoid suspicion.
Al Qaeda's affiliate in the country is a major problem for the temporary truce.
The conflict between the Sunni-majority Saudis and the Shiite-majority Iranians is not about theology. It's a battle for supremacy between the two most powerful countries in the region.
The deal marks a success for the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
The resolution makes no mention of the future role of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
  The Nusra Front fighters chanted "God is great" as they arrived with the captives in preparation for the swap. One of the
Under the cover of Russian airstrikes, the Assad regime is pushing toward the city.