At the rehearsal, kids of all sizes and shapes were everywhere. But they were all focused, and they were all focused on dance
In 2001, Tony Williams, the first biracial member of Boston Ballet back in the 1960s, noticed he had 20 boys among the 100
Nothing and no one is spared. He fends off the wrath of a majestic African American woman whose granddaughter he cast as
"The Hard Nut" puts an edgy, gender-bending spin on the classic story.
Click here to stay in touch. Helgi Tomasson's Nutcracker. San Francisco Ballet. Photo, Erik Tomasson San Francisco Ballet
I first saw Hansuke Yamamoto as the Bluebird in San Francisco Ballet's 2006 presentation of Sleeping Beauty. He leaped out from stage right and at such height that it sparked an audible gasp throughout the War Memorial Opera House.
It's not just the ballet companies that are producing "Nutcracker" either. In response to the work's popularity, companies presenting many other styles of dance have tried their hand at interpreting Tschaikovsky's 1892 score.
"I am experiencing a kind of crisis," Tchaikovsky wrote gloomily, after being ordered by the tzar's flunkeys to compose a ballet score for a flimsy tale centred around children, rats and a candy kingdom. After the glory of The Sleeping Beauty, the Nutcracker commission seemed like an insult.
“With ballet, you’re pretty much going over the music. ... But with hip-hop dance, we’re hitting the exact beats,” he said
Urban Outfitters is back in the hotseat but they really should have seen this one coming.