National women's soccer players abroad have come forward alleging sexual misconduct after the U.S. league was rocked by bombshell revelations.
Commissioner Lisa Baird resigned amid allegations that a former coach engaged in sexual harassment and misconduct.
"We're not going anywhere," NWSL's commissioner says ahead of the league's fourth season.
Costa Rica's Raquel Rodriguez, the second pick in the NWSL draft, hopes to show girls in her home country they can reach the sport's highest levels.
There may be a perception that MLS has deep pockets. Certainly, the profiles of the MLS owners would lead one to believe that that is the case. But in truth, the MLS business model is structured to avoid leveraging their wealth.
If you enjoyed watching the U.S. Women's National Team win the World Cup, the National Women's Soccer League means you can keep watching them even though the tournament is over.
When we say the first NWSL season was uneventful, that's mostly a good thing. Underneath the radar, the league had some success stories -- good games, breakthrough players and some good crowds, particularly in soccer-mad Portland.
Un nuevo intento por una liga profesional de fútbol femenino en los Estados Unidos se ha cristalizado. La National Women's
"Estamos trabajando en los detalles de los equipos. Ahora ya tenemos un logo con el que los fanáticos se identificarán y