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It's time to stop media outlets and internet sites from publishing allegations made in a divorce. People's lives and reputations are being unfairly destroyed.
Yep, just an empowered, non-desperate lady, non-desperately making sandwiches at warp speed to non-manipulate her boyfriend
“She is friendly with Banks, and he was her choice” for commissioner, a supposed source told the Post. “She was very upset
Despite the settlement, at least two legal lessons can be taken away from the case: 1) Sensational tabloid covers, replete with screaming headlines juxtaposed next to photographs, can indeed be defamatory; and 2) tiny cover-page disclaimers won't always get tabloids like the New York Post off the hook.
Twitter ultimately said the paper would not be suspended, but the Post still found few friends. Foley's mother, Diane, posted
(We decided not to show or link to the Post's front page.) The New York Post took a different tack, plastering the woman's
The National Popular Vote plan is constitutional, nonpartisan, and better for all Americans than our current system. An interstate compact, it will guarantee the election of the candidate who wins the most popular votes in all 50 states and D.C.
What better way to cover Monica Lewinsky's painful, honest exploration of the fallout from her affair with Bill Clinton than
Peyser, the same columnist who has taken heat for her articles on topics ranging from weight to race, went on to dismiss
“Apologies wont help, the damage is done," Stark's brother-in-law told the Jewish newspaper. “It would be nice [for them