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It's time to stop media outlets and internet sites from publishing allegations made in a divorce. People's lives and reputations are being unfairly destroyed.
Like this one. People of Flickr, send me your sandwiches. Though a professional writer, Smith betrays an amateurish discomfort
She also questioned how such a story could make it through the editorial process and onto the front page of a major newspaper
Despite the settlement, at least two legal lessons can be taken away from the case: 1) Sensational tabloid covers, replete with screaming headlines juxtaposed next to photographs, can indeed be defamatory; and 2) tiny cover-page disclaimers won't always get tabloids like the New York Post off the hook.
The Post's latest front page, rather than go for one of those angles, shows Foley with a knife to his throat and his mouth
The New York Post took a different tack, plastering the woman's name and photo across its front page. For good measure, it
The National Popular Vote plan is constitutional, nonpartisan, and better for all Americans than our current system. An interstate compact, it will guarantee the election of the candidate who wins the most popular votes in all 50 states and D.C.
What better way to cover Monica Lewinsky's painful, honest exploration of the fallout from her affair with Bill Clinton than
Peyser seemed to be buying none of this. Peyser, the same columnist who has taken heat for her articles on topics ranging
The newspaper's Sunday cover, which features the murdered Hasidic Jewish Brooklyn real estate developer Menachem Stark, has
The New York Post's notorious front page from the Boston Marathon, in which it described two completely innocent teenagers in a photo as "Bag Men," has landed the paper in court, where the young men have sued it for libel.
Clearly, the Post feels that, even though it slapped the picture of two innocent, unknown men on its front page, said the
We're stumped. What could the New York Post possibly be trying to tell people about Bill de Blasio with its Monday cover?
We're stumped. What could the New York Post possibly be trying to tell people about Bill de Blasio with its Monday cover
"The record here contains sufficient evidence of harassment to create triable questions of fact on Ms. Guzman’s hostile work
PHOTO: Earlier this week, new details surfaced about Weiner continuously sending sexually explicit messages to women on the
Sambolin took some time off from the network after she announced in May that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and would
For so long, I made up excuses and said I was stuck, I was convinced I made wrong choices, I was convinced I was not good enough, but those are all interpretations of stories I created in my head.
We now live in a world where information moves faster than we can assess its value... this is especially true in times of panic, disaster, and crisis.
Well, allow me to penetrate the mystery: The letter of apology tucked inside your copy of the Post did not come from Allan