Ai Fiori is located on the second floor of the Langham Place Hotel. It is one of my most favorite restaurants in NYC, celebrating the Italian and French Riviera. Modern interpretations of tradition regional dishes. It's equally beautiful as mind-blowing delicious. Michael White, the chef and owner, is an all-time favorite of mine.
What has been the highlight so far of having this place? The customers who coming back. That always makes me smile and brings
The ample number of times I have dined in restaurants has made me privy to a somewhat shocking fact: both outright and insidious homophobia still appear to be alive and well even though it is 2015 and marriage equality is the law of the land.
Supanee convinces me that the heat is an indicator of authenticity, a trademark of the regional Isan cuisine found in Thailand and also heralded at her Bangkok outpost by the same name.
Signature Drinks at the bar: Philliptini and Blue Midnight Mojito (Photo Credit: Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com) Beef satay recipe
Food that doesn't weigh you down, but has a serious depth of flavor and joy in every bite. The elegant hotel setting is comfortable and exquisite without being pretentious, making Juni a spot for a special occasion or just a truly lovely, creative dining experience.
So much fun, you won't forget it! Who knew such a great event is happening at the Diamond Horseshoe in Midtown at the Paramount Hotel?! It was there all the time and I only got to see it now! How foolishly unaware!
Any restaurant that can inspire its employees to eat there on their off-days (and even trek back now that I no longer live in the neighborhood) is worth a spot on the list.
We love to soak up every bit of summer that we can, day or night. Here is our list of the best places to indulge this summer.
Restaurant Marc Forgione 134 Reade Street New York City 10013 212-941-9401 And, Restaurant Marc Forgione does not skimp on
It's caramelized, and it may change your life.
A map to fulfill all your dreams.
Show up on time for your reservation. This helps the whole operation run smoothly.
In the latest episode of my docuseries about entrepreneurs in New York, "Maker's Lane," I featured Nicole Ponseca, award-winning restaurateur of two East Village favorites, Jeepney & Maharlika.
That Thai food you're eating might not actually be Thai at all.
I knew I'd need to find someplace else that would give me that same wonderful feeling of comfort, satisfaction and pleasure I'd gotten all those years from my usual place. Tough though, because getting back into the congee game -- well, any game -- at this point in my life was bound to be a disorienting experience.
They might not be around forever, so hurry on up!
Restaurateur Shelly Fireman, best known as the creator of the staple Italian bistros Trattoria Dell'Arte, Bond 45, and Cafe Fiorello, opened up Florian this year.