Fans say NY1 anchor Cheryl Wills' quiet reaction to the coverage is expert shade.
Tuesday June 28th was the Democratic Primary for Congressional Candidates in the state of New York. For the past year, since July 1, 2015, I was officially in the race for NY's 13th Congressional District, a formidable candidate for an historic seat held by Charles Rangel for the past 46 years, and prior to him, the late Rev Adam Clayton Powell, Jr, for more than three decades.
The candidates have descended on New York for its first competitive primary in decades, "sort of like those cicadas that come out every 18 years," NY1's political director says.
We need to constantly remind ourselves that these are not "bad" kids, but many of them are kids to whom bad things have happened. With help, these fragile teens can and will succeed -- but not by locking them up with adults.
He was cautious and deliberate. I left the 30 minute interview almost shocked.
"Undocumented is a little Orwellian--," Jacobson wrote in the memo, according to Capital. "It's not like people misplaced
Rep. Michael Grimm, who threatened to "break" a reporter "in half" and trow him off a balcony is sponsoring an anti-bullying bill.
Okay, listen up all you so-called "reporters." I'm gonna tell you the f***ing truth about what happened after Barry's State of the Union.
NowThis News, the one-year-old online news service, a potential heir to the New York Times or NBC Nightly News except entirely online, announced this week that it has hired Cody Johns as its first entirely Vine-driven 'videojournalist.'
Host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin noticed that Kiernan tilted his head slightly while reading the headlines. "That's a Peter Jennings
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H/T Good As You's Jeremy Hooper Identifying himself as Chris from Willowbrook, N.Y., the caller noted, "I'm Muslim and I
Math Problems In New York School Reference The Beating, Killing Of Slaves
Things aren't going well. By Melissa Mahony, OnEarth After almost two hours at the plant, most of my questions about what
Hurricane Sandy may have kept beloved NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan from hosting an epic evening devoted to Halloween pop-culture
Everybody's favorite NY1 anchor will host a Halloween-themed trivia night in his new hometown, Brooklyn. The Williamsburg