nyc comptroller

Disenfranchised voters in the city can now look forward to a Board of Elections audit and potential overhaul that is long overdue. NYC students deserve the same.
How "independent" can directors be if the insiders not only determine who serves on the board and how long they serve, but also how much they get paid and what information they receive?
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Finding money feels nice until you realize that the money was "lost" due to either willful negligence or gross incompetence.
The Democratic nominee is virtually assured of winning the general election in early November and becoming the city's chief
The primary will be held on Tuesday, September 10. The latest poll from Quinnipiac University, released Wednesday, has Manhattan
The difference among the polls is also greatest in their estimates of Stringer's support, which ranges from a low of 35 percent
At the time, the bar owners' lingering debt was paid off, Stringer was a state assemblyman in the midst of an unsuccessful
“We need to reboot the way we monitor large technology contracts, because clearly taxpayers have not been getting their money’s
Eliot Spitzer: I'll Be NYC Comptroller For One Dollar A Year
It was the final debate for the two candidates ahead of the September 10 Democratic primary. A Quinnipiac poll released earlier
Things were hunky-dory on Tuesday, when Stringer appeared on the evening talk show Paterson co-hosts with Curtis Sliwa, on
"Yeah, he could," Paterson said Monday. "Scott Stringer is a good choice on his own. There doesn't have to be a comparison
Liu is proposing legalizing medicinal marijuana and allowing adults to possess up to an ounce of pot. He believes the sweeping
He also disputed Spitzer's claim that his years in the governor's mansion were a success, reminding viewers of Spitzer's
The New York Post reports Flake had originally supporter Stringer, but now says he'll remain neutral in the race, reportedly
New York City's Chief Financial Officer, or the Comptroller, is arguably the second most important elected office in city government, and he will likely become even more important and powerful in 2014.
2011-11-29-20111107bothsidesnow.jpgErick Erickson and Eliot Spitzer debate the impact of The Trial on race and justice. Is refusing to even talk about race a form of "colorblind racism?" Then: amateur boxer Harry Reid TKO's Mitch McConnell on the filibuster and Eliot compares the week he resigned to his relaunch week -- "solitude" vs. "tsunami."
The campaign had previously announced the total income, but didn't break it into the broad categories seen in the IRS documents
Spitzer doesn't deserve a second chance, but Wiener does. The problem is that with such a crowded election, voters are going to conflate the two issues. This will be devastating for Wiener's reelection campaign, and will be a minor though undeserved boon for Spitzer's.