NYC mayor

Not all NYC families have computers and can check websites or receive emails. The high school and specialized high school handbooks given to students at the end of seventh grade are thorough but daunting.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s strained relationship with the city’s police came to a head this week at the NYPD Academy’s graduation ceremony.
Instead of changing an admissions policy that rewards hard work and preparation to a process that is subjective and that could be manipulated, how about putting systems in place to get kids ready? Provide test prep to those who don't have access. Share information with families early.
If we have breakfast being served after the bell rings, NYC will go from worst to first.
On stage at the what is the start of a period of celebration of the 10th anniversary of the NY Tech Meetup, Mayor de Blasio
As the U.S. economy continues to gather steam, the Great Recession is becoming a distant memory for many Americans. In New York City, employment has passed pre-slump levels, with 312,000 jobs added between 2010 and 2013.
Thankfully, Steve Buscemi has stepped in as an unofficial coach to prep him for the “Stuck With de Bill”-themed charity event
In his first two months in office, Mayor Bill de Blasio has found himself repeatedly at odds with New York’s governor, Andrew
One has to think that there is a hidden agenda for all of this piling on. Yes, it is fair to criticize the mayor for not measuring up, early on, to the high ideals he has promised in his own governance -- though, it is also useful to point out that he is, after all, a human being.
On many issues, the liberals will find an ally in the city's next Public Advocate, former councilwoman Letitia James. While