"We are united in the belief that our city should leave no New Yorker behind," he said. "The people of this city have chosen
Not voting reinforces rather than defies corporate power structures. Distinguishing his "indifference and exhaustion" from apathy, Russell Brand suggests that abandoning our voices will silently (telepathically?) send a message for utopian change. Hardly.
Watch it, and then get out and vote! For more info on where and when you can vote, go here. It's time to vote for mayor, New
You see, if only Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada had conducted that interview, Anthony Weiner would be coasting to Gracie
Like a time capsule, this year's New York City mayoral race seems to be stuck in the 1970s. Not the near-broke city of 1975, but a one bankrupt of ideas that, four years from now, might put New York behind other cities with respect to talent, technology, innovation, and a competitive edge.
Deceptive and inaccurate right-wing films like Waiting for Superman don't help either, placing teacher unions as the primary explanatory variables of poor student achievement, while hailing charters as the panacea of all things public education.
New Yorkers who care about women's health should vote for Bill de Blasio. De Blasio has been a steadfast champion for comprehensive sex education, access to reproductive health services and the rights and health of women across our city.
New York City, with its world class ecosystem of investors, universities, and ideas to foster economic growth, still has untapped potential.
“During that period of time there were 2,000 murders a year. It was the last time we had a race riot in this city,” Lhota
We've just released a video outlining some of these ideas and I urge you to watch it below, give us your feedback and share
A kid-glove campaign without being in the least bit pugnacious won't work in a tough town like New York. For the last 20 years New Yorkers elected Republican mayors, but Guiliani and Bloomberg were alpha dogs (although different stylistically).
"I've had lots of experience of what New Yorkers need from the grassroots up," he said. "The bottom line is, whose side are
Like other mainstream media outlets, the Times holds political activism in low regard, particularly activism of leftist stripes, and the de Blasio article is peppered with patronizing language.
If de Blasio changes his mind, he could still participate tonight. "There will be three general election debates this fall
When we get to the polls this November, New Yorkers will be voting on six proposed constitutional amendments. These items generally appear as wordy paragraphs in really small print on our ballots and we often either forget to vote on them or ignore them. We can't do that this November.
Beck says de Blasio makes "Herr Bloomberg" "look like Sam Adams." (For context, Beck once photoshopped Mayor Michael Bloomberg
De Blasio, 52, announced the circumstances of his father's death in a short statement to the press minutes before the New
The NYPP's contention that New York state's campaign contribution ceiling violates First Amendment protections will be heard
"No. No, I don't," said Lhota, who was a deputy mayor in Rudy Giuliani's administration. "Some of it may be," suggesting
"One of the lessons I learned on the Obama campaign is that your measures of success ... are about how many people online