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He was elected to Congress in January 2011. The sources believe the pressure of the inquiry played a role in his decision
Some have reported Mayor de Blasio's efforts to influence the Speaker race with all the shock and dismay of Louis Renault discovering that there was gambling going on in Rick's Café as he received his winnings. Fortunately, the reports of the death of an autonomous City Council have been greatly exaggerated.
UPPER EAST SIDE — State Assemblyman Micah Kellner was hit with a series of sanctions this week after the Assembly's ethics
The New York Times' five-part series told the story of a young girl in Brooklyn, identified only by her first name Dasani
Lovely A. Warren won election as mayor of Rochester last month with a campaign lamenting what she called the “two Rochesters
The New York City Council held its final session of the year Thursday. The meeting marked the last time Speaker Christine
Bill de Blasio is officially the next mayor of New York City. He won yesterday’s election decidedly and rather easily. Read
Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio is projected to beat Republican opponent Joe Lhota in the race for New York City mayor
The race for New York City mayor comes to an end this Tuesday. Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio is projected to beat Republican
New Yorkers are preparing to cast their ballot for the 2013 mayoral election this Tuesday. The latest poll shows Bill de
As New Yorkers head to the polls on Tuesday, Republican nominee Joe Lhota is hoping for a major upset to beat the city's
New York City is going to the polls Tuesday with Republican nominee Joe Lhota searching for an upset over Bill de Blasio
You see, if only Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada had conducted that interview, Anthony Weiner would be coasting to Gracie
When we get to the polls this November, New Yorkers will be voting on six proposed constitutional amendments. These items generally appear as wordy paragraphs in really small print on our ballots and we often either forget to vote on them or ignore them. We can't do that this November.
Your losing opponent, Ms. Quinn, said that she would have been less "adversarial." Your likely Republican opponent, Mr. Lhota
Can Bill de Blasio secure enough votes to avoid a runoff? Will Tuesday night see political comebacks for Anthony Weiner and
De Blasio, who voted early Tuesday at a Park Slope library, at 431 Sixth Ave., said his campaign was expecting a run-off
Bill de Blasio, New York City's public advocate, is the frontrunner among Democratic candidates for mayor. Voters will decide