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"I'm always striving to get people together that you wouldn't typically see in the same room."
The BNAs are also about visibility, especially in a queer community where some modes of performance tend to recieve more
Ladyfag, who was recently featured in HuffPost Gay Voices Associate Editor James Nichols' series "After Dark: NYC Nightlife
On the heels of Huffington Post Gay Voices Associate Editor James Nichols' "After Dark: NYC Nightlife Today And Days Past
"Dick The Balls" will take place Friday, Dec. 12 in Brooklyn. Head here for tickets or here for more information. It's that
Over the past six months, HuffPost Gay Voices Associate Editor JamesMichael Nichols sought to provide a platform for the
HuffPost Gay Voices believes that it is important and valuable to elevate the work, both today and in the past, of those
Over the past several years you and your parties have become iconic in the NYC nightlife scene. What did your journey to
I never knew it would get as big as it is now, but I also think that’s part of my success... because I didn’t really care
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Lady Bunny said in her recent feature: "I performed recently at Frankie Sharp’s WestGay and was blown away by the great music
All photos courtesy of Santiago Felipe. Curated by art collective and party promoters The Culture Whore, "ROCKY HORROR SHOWS
The Huffington Post: Why did you decide to make the theme of the Culture Whore's Halloween event "Rocky Horror"? Mark Dommu
We’re devoted to one another and the craft of creating illusion. We aren’t transforming from “male to female,” but we are
I started going out with a vengeance. It didn't take long to notice that drag queens never waited in line and never paid
My first real gig in the city was hosting a party called "Feelings" on Thursday nights at Mr. Black, a club that used to
I'd like to think that my small contribution to nightlife has been the rebirth of the rhinestone. I'm not trying to say I
What do you see your role as in nightlife today? How has it evolved and changed? My role today is more of an observer than
It's nice, it’s organic, it’s contagious. It’s like a bad flu. The Huffington Post: Do your looks primarily come from Patricia