Nyle DiMarco

The deaf model and artist's take on Grande's smash got praise from the pop diva herself.
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"It’s a view of just a few seconds of a disabled person’s life," said DiMarco, an "America's Next Top Model" winner who is deaf.
Actor and model Nyle DiMarco is Deaf. He doesn’t understand the concept of silence — it’s just his default mode.
“Pretending to be deaf is NOT ok,” male model and vocal disability advocate Nyle DiMarco tweeted.
“[People] think diversity has to do with race and gender, but there’s so much more to it.”
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Don't think he didn't notice you too, lady. 👀
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Senator Kaine always manages to speak to issues relating them to his life in a way people can easily understand and identify
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There has been less attention -- especially in the LGBT community -- to protected non-visible disabilities such as epilepsy, depression, alcoholism, anxiety disorder, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and post traumatic stress syndrome.
This coincided with another surge involving college students enrolling in American Sign Language (ASL) classes all over the
That's a wrap on Season 22!
The dance experience controversy on this show is stupid. Plain and simple. The point of this show is for celebrities to learn a new skill. So unless a celebrity is a professional ballroom dancer, then I'd say it's a fair game.
DiMarco the face of DoSomething.org's We Are Able campaign, which aims to reduce stigma and bullying around disabilities
No ASL is not in decline and will always be around as long as there are Deaf people. What it means to be Deaf has not changed for the thousands and thousands of us who are.
The Final Season of America's Next Top Model concluded in a monumental way with Nyle DiMarco, the show's first ever Deaf contestant, overcoming all obstacles to win the competition. Smashing through stereotypes and assumptions, DiMarco proved to mainstream audiences that people who are Deaf can do anything they set their minds to.
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He's also the show's first deaf contestant.