The creator, writer and star of "Girls" sees a different path for her future in a Trump era.
Watch "Memory Remains" and an Ober-interview here. A-Sides' "Delve Into 12" of 2015 "Get Away" Oberhofer is a band, but its
As a woman there's no getting away from it -- you are WAW: Walking As a Woman, and that means you are treated differently every step you take.
Her goal? Not to turn her group of friends into a squad.
Doe Paoro drew from these notions as she created After, the follow-up to her 2012 debut album Slow To Love, which Paoro wrote in an isolated cabin close to her hometown of Syracuse, New York.
I do windows. Unfortunately, I do them every couple of years, which gives the windows plenty of time to get dirty, and even then it is clear that I don't do them very well because I have always considered the job a pane in the glass.
So many people working to battle climate change in every corner of modern life, but still, is it enough? We're long past the carbon limit over which humans cannot survive long term, and we're nowhere near burning all the fossil fuels we'll need to support our energy needs.
Hudgens is featured in the magazine's most recent issue, which includes an interview in which she talks about her "Gimme
It should be noted that we surveyed all mainstream covers (as opposed to spinoffs such as Cosmo Latina, for example), and
The "Hart of Dixie" star also reveals, however, that she's not so laid-back when it comes to getting dressed: The Nylon cover
We've totally fallen for Elizabeth Olsen, younger sis of Mary-Kate and Ashley and rising star in her own right. Check out
The news that Patrick Robinson was fired last week from the Gap was not that shocking. The Gap has had a few cute moments
After the performance, guests mingled on the terrace and enjoyed cocktails mixed with Red Bull. People were also able to
Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy festive holidays as much as the next person, but we eco-freaks can't help ourselves from sucking the fun out of things, particularly when it comes to harming children.