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The truck can reportedly go through 100 of them per day at big festivals, but co-owner Babbe Hengeveld says she still sometimes
Of course, Trump's penchant for flip-flopping plus just his general ambiguity about the entire topic might just make the
By Eva Hill and Cait Munro Despite the indisputable convenience of the Keurig, the ubiquitous one-cup coffeemaker has received
But in a second scenario, men were given an intelligence test and then told they were about to meet a woman who had done
Westworld presents the viewer with a multitude of threads to tease out, a dozen pressing questions to search for clues in the little dissonances from week to week.
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For Rebecca, perfectionism is a blessing and a curse. It has allowed her to climb to the top of her field, but it left her so miserable that in the show's pilot, she fled New York City to pursue her summer-camp ex-boyfriend in West Covina, California.
America's favorite fleecewear outfitter, Patagonia, has released a beer to help stop climate change.
For reasons no one can explain, curly fries never get their due. A staple of pool-club snack shops, bowling-alley concession counters, and each of Arby's 3 zillion locations, this relic of late-20th-century cuisine has somehow eluded the culinary anthropologists