Bochco co-created some of TV’s most popular series while helping to create the template for modern shows featuring large ensemble casts, serialized storylines and edgy content.
My concern is not about whether a plot works and is full of holes, but that we see such police brutality depicted all the time on many TV cop shows.
Just a few days before the Supreme Court made strides in the fight for gay rights, the entertainment industry offered up
Though Ray Winstone has been a TV star in Great Britain since the mid-1970s, a lot of Americans got their first sighting of the beefy British actor with Gary Oldman's 1997's Nil By Mouth or 2000's Sexy Beast.
Most famous for his role as the "gay temp" and then a series regular for 10 years on NYPD Blue, Bill Brochtrup is still at work and can be seen on the WIGS series Kendra and Showtime's Dexter and Shameless. I caught up with the pioneering openly gay actor on SnowbizNow.
Not familiar with Movember? It's an annual month-long event that asks people to grow mustaches during November in an effort
As a member of Women in Film Foundation Los Angeles, Sharon helps women to achieve their potential in the global entertainment, communications and media industries both in the US and on a global scale.
When "Trust" came out you seemed really excited about directing. I assume that's something that you want to continue to pursue
Some are obsessive-compulsive neat-freaks. Some aren't afraid to get their hands (or reputations) dirty. Some enjoy a damn
Giancarlo Esposito's performance in Breaking Bad's fourth season premiere was so electrifying that, as Woody Allen once said, "All the blood went out of my face and went to my brother."
The beauty of "Southland" is its ability to carry three or four storylines in its one hour format and have them all appear as a total unit when it is over.
Zorianna Kit: You're 39 years old and playing a minister. That's got to be some sort of milestone in a career that began
Okay, The Wire's fifth and final season is now out on DVD and you've heard all the rave reviews. Here are a few pointers for diving into this and really any drama available on DVD.
The 50 ABC affiliates hit with indecency fines over a February 2003 episode of NYPD Blue filed an appeal with the Federal