nypd brutality

I urge all of my sisters and brothers of the LGBTQ Community to stand with the Black community.
“Yea, get it on film,” the officer responds. In September, two videos were released showing instances of alleged police brutality
Daneil Loehr, an investigator with legal group the Bronx Defenders, spoke during “public comment” portion of Monday’s hearing
When Mayor Bill de Blasio took over the city some seven months ago, many hoped that press conferences about New Yorkers' deaths
Full Segment: It's Day 3 in the Kimani Gray Protest & the riots are still going on. We talk to those on the scene about the latest in Kimani Gray & other New York crime news.
As the summer ends, and the Monumental 5 case continues to unfold, the eroding relationship -- between police forces and the communities that they are charged to protect -- still begs to be confronted on national media and political platforms.