nypd demographics unit

And surveilling them, as Donald Trump has proposed, is a bad, bad idea.
Perhaps the most notorious perpetrators of unwarranted spying on Americans is the New York Police Department (NYPD), which continues to establish questionable counter-terrorism and counterintelligence units to spy on New Yorkers despite being repeatedly sued over it.
The federal government's surveillance of Qazi began long before before his trip to New York, according to court documents
NYPD officials later admitted that the broad intelligence program failed to produce any significant terrorism leads. Since
"What was interesting about it, is the [NYPD] did this for years and years and years and years and years, and none of these
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So the NYPD's Demographics Unit never produced a single lead to a terrorist plot in the last six years and probably not in its entire decade-long existence.
What is it going to take for Sikhs and Muslims to join together in solidarity against the common enemies of racist harassment and violence, racial and religious profiling, and Islamophobic bigotry?
Then, post-9/11 the NYPD went to court and asked a judge to review the consent decree because they wanted to have greater
The trailer for The Third Jihad is below. For more, go here. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne confirmed to The New York Times