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But as Bratton indicated Wednesday, the NYPD's social media push will not be thwarted by #myNYPD. In just the past four months
The New York City Police Department sent out an interesting request on Tuesday, asking followers to send photos of themselves posing proudly with officers using the hashtag #myNYPD. It did not go as smoothly as they would have hoped.
#NYPD protect banks and kiks pacific people #Wallstreet Mafia #myNYPD pic.twitter.com/eKiElOg9hI — HDG (@hdgremix) April
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In an effort to better understand the nuances of rivalries and build evidence for criminal cases, officers have started watching
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Additionally, The Post reports Footer and P-Rock, hosts of an online radio show called "The Red Show," heaped praise on Dluhos
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While they're at it, the department may want to issue guidelines on their own social media conduct. 17 NYPD officers were
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Some climbed up fire escapes to break into victims' homes in order to rob them. The embarrassing incident prompted a new