nypd stop and frisk

Even as the city touts lower numbers of stop and frisks and legal advocates claim victory with a 2013 federal ruling against the NYPD's overuse of the tactic, people far from the mayor's press conferences and the offices of civil rights attorneys are continuing to be stopped by cops.
For the grieving mother or father of an innocent child killed at the hands of an officer "by mistake" or for any other unjustified reason, even hinting that stop-and-frisk reform has led to an increase in crime is to put the nail in the coffin of that child.
Shootings are up in New York City for the second year in a row, and The New York Post thinks it’s because Mayor Bill de Blasio
Stopping a person solely because of a "furtive movement," their "mere presence in a high crime area," or because he or she
Members of a campaign called Safety Beyond Policing, at City Hall on Thursday denounced City Council's plan to put $97 million towards increasing the NYPD headcount by 1000 officers.
We live in a broken, violent world. Turning our backs on it won't change anything.
De Blasio has been exceptionally evenhanded in his respect for police while trying to help us grasp the perspectives of people of color. He has tried to be a true friend to the NYPD, in the sense of a friend who believes in you enough to be critical when you can be better.
The city is on pace to have about 50,000 police stops this year, a 75 percent drop from the number of stops last year and
"On New York streets there is a battle unfolding of black versus blue." The trailer for "Black & Blue" begins with footage
And five years ago, when Council member Donovan Richards (D) was walking to the store to buy some milk, someone grabbed his
Blacks were arrested for low-level crimes over 100,000 times last year, but just over 56,000 times in 1990. Latinos were
Until now, those critics have rarely included members of the city’s political establishment. But Bank’s resignation seems
“Muslims are already under the microscope, and to do this just to gain some cheap publicity is totally unacceptable,” Hooper
From 2004 to 2013, NYPD officers stopped New Yorkers nearly 4 million times. About 87 percent of the people stopped were
With New York City voters having delivered a decisive mandate for stop-and-frisk reform in last year's mayoral election, it is time for the Second Circuit to permit the reform process to move forward without any further delay.
The joke struck a nerve in a neighborhood where race relations have been a hot-button issue. As rents have continued to rise