Fortunately, Muslim Americans at Rutgers have refused to be intimidated or let their anxiety silence them. One small silver
Singling out American Muslims for blanket surveillance does not make our nation safer. Spying based on race, ethnicity or religion has failed to identify criminal activity while undermining the very trust between American Muslims and law enforcement that is needed to fight real threats.
The New Jersey Muslims argue in their brief that "there is no dispute that the NYPD’s unconstitutional surveillance program
Bratton has promised a new era of transparency at the NYPD, stating in February that "there should be no secrets in the NYPD
The three-person Handschu authority was created under a 1985 consent decree in a long-running lawsuit against the city. It
The use of racial, ethnic and religious profiling by law enforcement is un-American and should end. Targeting people for what they look like or because of their group characteristics is discrimination at its worst and a poor excuse for law enforcement.