nypd surveillance

It's using surveillance devices originally developed for the CIA.
That would be "the same troubling surveillance it has conducted for decades on political activists."
Rutgers students had no connections to terrorist activities whatsoever. Their “wrongdoing” amounts to being members of the
Singling out American Muslims for blanket surveillance does not make our nation safer. Spying based on race, ethnicity or religion has failed to identify criminal activity while undermining the very trust between American Muslims and law enforcement that is needed to fight real threats.
The use of racial, ethnic and religious profiling by law enforcement is un-American and should end. Targeting people for what they look like or because of their group characteristics is discrimination at its worst and a poor excuse for law enforcement.
Categorically bugging all mosques and "infiltrating" MSAs might be the quick and easy option for our government to show us that it is "doing something" to combat terror, but is it really the most optimal method for serious law enforcement?
“Even the CIA responds,” Goldman, 42, jumped in. “Even the FBI responds.” But it's the third investigation that drew the
Earlier this month, New York Assemblymen Luis Sepúlveda and Nick Perry introduced legislation in Albany that would restrict
Both Bloomberg and Kelly have staunchly defended the NYPD's use of stop and frisk. But as The Daily News reports, Kelly would
Nearly 100 posters, all of which included the message, "NYPD Drones. Protection when you least expect it," were put up over
Under the business agreement, the city will rake in 30 percent of the profits sold. At Wednesday's press conference, Bloomberg