The original toys, owned by the real-life Christopher Robin, look better than ever.
For the first time during National Library Week, the New York Public Library will specifically focus on Latino authors at
 The 11th annual Aspen Ideas Festival drew impressive crowds to the picturesque Colorado mountain town in late June, inspiring
The NYPL, like many other libraries around the country, has already begun to seize the day in an effort to answer the needs and wants of its community.
The mannequins could have walked right into the storyline of the latest Shondra Rhimes dramas.
Last summer, a petition aiming to prevent the plan was organized, with writers including Salman Rushdie and Mario Vargas
The controversy surrounding the New York Public Library's Central Library Plan has recently gained steam. What is most important is that the plan receives the educated public debate it deserves -- debate that has scarcely yet occurred.
Reprinted from Translationista The stacks I saw yesterday were pretty dusty, and that was the only thing obviously "wrong
Today, UN AIDS says the number of people living with HIV in Russia (990K) is larger than in the higher-populated Brazil, China, or Indonesia.
But for some, for many just a bit older than I, there was really real programming in the form of The Dick Cavett Show: live television that featured the great literary and cultural personalities of the time.
Inspired by an NYPL teen advisory group in 2004, Anti-Prom was created in lieu of the traditional prom held by local schools
I am writing to express my deep concern over the proposed changes to the City's library systems in Manhattan and Brooklyn
The branch libraries that have been deaccessioned in recent years have been sold below market value, leaving room for speculation that their sale had more to do with real estate deals and construction contracts than with the public good.
As has been pointed out repeatedly over the last two weeks, it's hard to imagine how service for scholars can be improved by shipping the research materials they depend on for their work across state lines.
In the aftermath of last week's NY State Assembly hearing about the future of public libraries in Manhattan and Brooklyn, a group of concerned scholars has just filed a lawsuit aimed at preventing what many see as the destruction of the research library.
It's no wonder that the NY State Assembly's Committee on Libraries and Education Technology convened for more than seven hours for the "The Sale of Public Libraries in New York City" hearing.
All of New York's major university libraries are currently closed to the public. This applies even to the City University of New York, NYC's public university.