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If you have a sweet tooth you'll want to stop by Leonard's Bakery just outside of Waikiki in Kapahulu for its famous malasadas. Located in Hawaii since the early 1950s, Leonard's Bakery serves up these sugarcoated Portuguese donuts daily.
If there's one thing you'll see in the Aloha State more than surfboards, it's mopeds. These tiny two-wheelers seem to strike the perfect balance for visitors seeking a relaxed way to see the sights.
Today, the island of Oahu is one of the world's most popular visitor destinations, where beaches, shopping, waves and waterfalls draw millions of visitors each year. Even though Oahu is one of the world's more desirable places to vacation, there is still a lot about this tropical island that visitors might not know.
Courtesy of Venture Hawaii Movement. The lantern-floating ceremony is traditionally a Japanese Buddhist ritual but in 1999
The historic metal staircase was installed during World War II and was officially declared off limits in the 1980s. Since
The eight North American and European properties herein all have suites and extras to accommodate kids, but offer starkly different settings and experiences. Poll the clan and make your choice.
See you on the beach! It's happening. Decorations are going up, temperatures are dropping, and your local grocery store is
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If you needed any extra motivation to finally book a flight to Hawaii for your summer vacation, this is probably it. After
7. The Road to Hana, Maui 15. Kilauea Volcano, Big Island Where lava meets water: 19. Wailua Falls, Maui 10. Waimea Canyon