"It's breaking my heart," the tennis champ said of her daughter Alexis Olympia's discomfort.
Republicans are using employee achievement awards and parking benefits to pay for a corporate tax cut.
1% for the Planet has from our founding fifteen years ago believed in the simple mandate that it's good business and good
Dear President-elect Trump, In less than 24 hours you will stand on the steps of the Capitol and take an oath to become the
That was my first unquestionably magic moment of this school year. "Above all, do no harm." That is for doctors. "Above all
Anderson Cooper just made some news by asking all three Republican candidates for president whether they'd honor their previous pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee. None of the three candidates now say they'll honor their loyalty pledge.
As for the president, if his (or any other office holder's) actions don't match up to being a protector of the Constitution
As public opinion of business leaders is near an all-time low, signing the MBA Oath sends a message that MBA graduates recognize the influence business has on society and are ready to shoulder the ethical responsibility that comes with that.
Welcome back to my annual outright theft of The McLaughlin Group's awards categories for the past year in politics.
The dizzying influence of Mercury Retrograde is in effect; things said or promised during this period of chaotic thinking and expression are often redone, revised or reassessed. (Like the oath.)
"Why is it that when Republicans support tax cuts it is 'giving the people back more of their own money,' but when Democrats