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Since 2009, the feds have received 2,000 complaints of such incidents. But until now, due to the nature of his disability
King had proposed allowing up to 2 percent of New York students with severe disabilities to be tested at their instructional
The Obama administration will announce plans on Monday to enforce a long-ignored federal mandate: a decade-old requirement that states give students of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds equal access to good teachers.
The new initiative, called "Excellent Educators for All," aims to bring states into compliance with a teacher equity mandate
Miller also said that some states appear to be backsliding on a commitment to provide students with disabilities with equitable
“Effective teaching and learning cannot take place unless students feel safe at school,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
Obama administration's decision to crack down on college tuition hikes has been long in the making. Our deeply flawed student aid model has pushed tuitions so high that the bubble is about to burst.
Duncan's press secretary Daren Briscoe declined to comment. Vadehra did not respond to voice messages and emails. For Vadehra
Polis, the Colorado representative, agrees. "It's a non-starter for anyone who's serious about education reform," he said
At least one state chief has already decided he will not apply. "Today's announcement is not in the best interest of Florida's