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He will visit Hiroshima with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Cash-strapped news outlets looking to cover President Obama's trip to Asia next month may find it difficult to do so. Not
Obama has long held off-the-record meetings with columnists and editorial writers as a way to speak freely, and expansively
In Malaysia's hotly contested political environment, there is little room for foreign dignitaries to meet with opposition figures.
"We oppose the use of intimidation, coercion or aggression by any state to advance their maritime territorial claims," said
The diplomatic challenge for Obama during his week-long, four-nation regional tour is to convince Asian partners that Washington
Obama is due to visit Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Philippines over the next eight days. (Reporting By Mark Felsenthal
China’s dependence on container shipping gives it the right to be concerned about protecting sea lanes to and from these
No American president has ever begun a year with as many different foreign policy crises as Obama now faces. It would be understandable if he took one look at this list and remained in Hawaii playing golf.
The United States and China are now playing a dangerous game which could lead to war. Beijing is asserting its new military might; and Washington is accepting the challenge.
Democrats have "all the leverage and we've got none," Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said. "Shutting down our government
Upon learning of Obama's trip to Myanmar -- the first visit to the country by a sitting president -- I immediately recalled my own long relationship with the country. The White House has characterized the trip as an economic meeting, but it represents much more than economics.
President Barack Obama has been traveling constantly since leaving for Asia on Saturday. Being president is tiring, and some
President Barack Obama, in the midst of an historic trip through Asia, is attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Has our country reached the point when we, like so many great nations before us, are no longer the leading state of our time?
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman used all of his latest column to praise Anderson Cooper for refuting the myth of
President Obama traveled to Asia last week seeking to make a big splash and bring home trade agreements that help American exports.
President Obama returned to the U.S. Sunday after a 10 day tour of Asia that took him through India, Indonesia, South Korea
Beneath the pomp and splendor of Obama's journey through Asia has lurked a far tawdrier vision -- of a much weakened president presiding over a much weakened superpower, both looking somewhat desperately for succor abroad.