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Shane Harris joins Mike to discuss the stunning secrecy of the FISA court.
BERLIN, June 19 (Reuters) - Michelle Obama and her daughters threaded roses through the narrow slots of a Berlin Wall memorial
BERLIN, June 19 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday the United States understood it had to do more
ELECTION BOOST German media have made much of the fact that it has taken 4-1/2 years for Obama to make his first presidential
US President Barack Obama has shelved his plans to attend festivities marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin
In his book, Snark David Denby describes Maureen Dowd as "essentially sour and without hope," but my evidence, I believe, proves him wrong.
If America is indeed on the path to being cool again we might see a wave of this sort of voluntary repatriation.
As I recounted in my initial thoughts about the Obama Berlin speech, I recalled that Gandhi said we have to value our words as much as our actions. Obama understands that, and our history has shown it to be true.
The speech is a brisk, affecting affair. There are big cheers when Obama talks about nuclear disarmament and dealing with climate change, but the crowd's response to "defeating terror" is noticeably muted.
During my recent travels to the Middle East, I found that although Obama fairs much better than his rival, early enthusiasm for his candidacy has been replaced by skepticism.
More reactions to Obama's speech: Obama Echoes Reagan in Call for Global Unity: Democratic Contender Calls for Troop Support
Obama's speech had high points and deserves applause -- but it's ultimately forgettable because he failed to deliver the most important lines where they most mattered.
Tonight, NBC airs a Brian Williams interview of Barack Obama. Asked about being the "riskier choice," Obama gives an interesting
This is the moment when we must build on the wealth that open markets have created, and share its benefits more equitably
Time magazine isn't being shy like Obama. It hails Obama in Berlin as the second coming of JFK. The city has been buzzing
The sentiments expressed by Germans, who worship Obama as much as they loathe George W. Bush, might not be ones that the administration is eager to hear.
Transcript: Obama Berlin Speech [HuffPo] Earlier today I wrote a post about all the "Ich Bin Ein" headlines that were springing
Once Obama addresses the throngs of change-loving Germans and proclaims himself a jelly donut, it'll be all over — the "Ich Bin Ein" headlines will be flying faster than 99 Luftballons floating in the summer sky.
Both Obama and McCain have an opportunity to change the meaning, of what "I am an American" has come to signify around the world. For the sake of our national security, it can't come a moment too soon.
Who isn't for a world without nuclear weapons? I would like to know what Barack is going to do about Iran. Let me tell you how many of our nukes Barack is going to get rid of if he is elected: zero.