“The reason that non-prescription birth control, and other non-prescription drugs, are not covered is because that’s the
Changing the way we refer to the pill would not be difficult since most people are unaware of the many available brand names. While star-studded Viagra ads have splashed across the Super Bowl, there have been far fewer efforts to normalize the pill in American advertising.
On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, likely affecting access to contraception for millions of women across the country.
Asked about the contraception mandate more broadly, 46 percent of respondents said they support requiring employers to provide
The Affordable Care Act demonstrates an affirmative, proactive step from government for women's access to reproductive health care, but conservatives are bent on moving backwards.
For those who haven't been following every twist and turn of this controversial issue, you may have (wrongly) assumed that the contraception mandate war has long been settled by now. Alas.
With the aid of birth control, women are afforded the freedom to live as carefree as any man. It relinquishes the burden of unplanned parenthood; it is, in fact, a liberator.
It's no surprise that Priebus was quick to reject Huckabee's comments, which come at a time when Republicans are trying to
The "War on Women" charge against the GOP refers to Republicans' opposition to equal pay legislation; repeated attacks on
The contraceptive mandate "is coercive and puts the administration in the position of defining -- or casting aside -- religious
She added, “It’s appalling that we still have to fight for access to birth control in 2013." Cecile Richards, president of
Hopefully, with this decision, women all over the country will soon be able to walk into a pharmacy and pick up emergency contraception off the shelves, as soon as they need it -- no barriers, no shame.
It's tough when even some Republicans are making more sense on an issue than the president. This is a losing battle for Obama, because the harder he fights it the more he's fighting against his own stated views on science and politics.
After years and ridiculous politicking and inexplicable delays, a federal judge just ordered the FDA to finally allow emergency contraception to be made available over the counter for women and girls of all ages. It's true. And it's sort of a big deal.
Friday's momentous decision by a federal judge to overturn the age restrictions on sale of Plan B (the morning after pill) is long overdue and a landmark for reproductive rights.
Our health care system is the dumping ground for all of our worst, unresolved arguments as a society. It is a long, messy list, and runs from the ovary to the grave.
Women's preventive care -- including birth control -- is basic health care. This shouldn't be a revolutionary idea, but unfortunately it is to some.
The Obama administration clarified the religious exemption to the contraception rule on Friday, announcing that non-profit
Faced with nearly 50 lawsuits by employers with religious objections, the Obama administration announced on Friday new details
Fall is in full swing. The leaves have turned, we've traded T-shirts for turtlenecks and Thanksgiving is just around the