Just days before the expected announcement of the Supreme Court's ruling in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, a new HuffPost
Our rights come from God, and the Constitution is there to protect them. And it’s freedom of religion, not freedom from religion
The Affordable Care Act demonstrates an affirmative, proactive step from government for women's access to reproductive health care, but conservatives are bent on moving backwards.
Americans are divided over whether religiously affiliated non-profits should be exempt from having to cover the costs of
Some non-profit religious organizations that self-insure, such as Catholic schools and dioceses, also filed lawsuits against
Let's call the birth control benefit what it is: Women's hard-earned insurance coverage. It's ours. We earned it. We pay for it. We deserve it.
When the Obama administration in January announced that employers will have to provide contraception coverage to their employees
The lawsuit, filed by the Republican attorneys general of Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and
Although Romney has stayed relatively quiet on social issues like abortion in recent weeks, his opposition to Obama's birth
The Health and Human Services Department did not respond to requests for comment. "Catholic health care providers are participants
I thought it ridiculous that Catholic dioceses, schools and organizations sued Obama over the mandate requiring most employers to include free birth control as part of their health insurance coverage.
The remarks were part of Jenky's commentary on the impact of President Obama's mandate requiring employers to include birth
“Based upon the current government’s threatened infringement upon the Church’s religious exercise of its ministry, Bishop
"May God have mercy especially on the souls of those politicians who pretend to be Catholic in church, but in their public
(Video above via ThinkProgress) Some organizations however, have put down the picket signs and taken the judicial approach
Chicago pro-life and religious groups are planning a protest at Federal Plaza Friday as part of a national day of action
As to the religious liberty issue, under the new federal policy, no religious employers will be required to cover birth control
"So, I don't know if we'll get anywhere with the executive branch," Dolan said, arguing that the hierarchy would do better
She continued, "Women have a lot to lose under 'Obamacare,' and I’ll give you an example. If you want to go into specifics