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"The first two years, when we had a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, we had the most productive legislature since
Now that the budget battle is truly joined, with hourly updates issuing forth from the not-so-hallowed halls of Washington, the cry among the media as I currently write this runs along the lines of: "A deal is in sight -- maybe!"
What do you think? Is Boehner being unreasonable? Is he and the Republicans responsible for the ongoing budget gridlock? Take
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) mocked President Barack Obama in a floor speech Monday, hours before a potential government shutdown -- marking a rare move and a public sign of the two leaders' increasingly soured relationship.
After the vote on Friday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor called out the names of potentially vulnerable Senate Democrats
House Republicans have spent weeks fending off right-wing demands that they shut down the government unless President Obama
House Speaker John Boehner is leading what is arguably the most anti-jobs Congress in modern history, and he and his co-conspirators in the Senate have been systematically sabotaging the economy and the opportunity for millions of Americans to go back to work.
"I hope that these kinds of discussions can continue," Boehner said. "Even though we have very real differences, our job
The economy faces a persistent budget crisis. Pushback from Wall Street has gutted most of the banking reforms, unemployment is stuck around 8 percent, corporate profits have been soaring while there is no wage growth -- and the newest White House proposal is... a free trade zone with Europe. This idea of a Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Area was tossed in, reportedly at the last moment, to President Obama's State of the Union, and is being promoted in the government's latest report on trade. You don't know whether to laugh or cry. This is a classic case of changing the subject to a cause that will not address any of the economy's deeper ills and could well worsen them. It recalls the very old joke about the drunk looking for his keys under a lamp post. He mentions to a cop that he lost the keys somewhere else, but "this is where the light is."
Followed to its logical conclusion, the Boehner rule would radically transform government, dismantling many of the social advances of the past half century or more and paving the way for large increases in poverty and inequality.
With many cliffs looming in the future, it will take a crisis every time to provoke both sides to reach a deal, and the deals are likely to be incremental. But that's okay, because the national will needs time to shift.
House Speaker John Boehner spoke at length with the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore about the coming confrontation over
If you're an 85-year-old lady living on $14,000 a year in Social Security, having your benefits cut by roughly $1,000 a year could mean choosing between paying for food or paying for medicine. In some cases it could mean the difference between life and death.
With the year-end deadline for all rates to expire and $1 trillion in spending cuts to kick in, the prospect of actually
By ANDREW TAYLOR, The ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON -- The White House says President Barack Obama will meet with House Speaker
Perhaps the most notable proponent of the constitutional option? Bill Clinton. During that fight, Democrats increasingly
The comments came in response to an op-ed, written by Boehner for the Cincinnati Enquirer, in which he declared that the
But for all their calm rhetoric and cool demeanors, the two parties may still face a major point of disagreement. With just
The story now: Gridlock or bipartisanship? How can the political leaders of the two Americas cut a deal on the deficit and avoid the 'fiscal cliff?' The British experience of coalition government offers a few tips.