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obama chicago

The university's efforts have been led by Susan Sher, an adviser to the university's president, Robert Zimmer, and a former
Barack and Michelle Obama are seriously considering moving to New York after his presidency, and building the Obama Library
Speaking Tuesday in Chicago, Illinois about his decision to provide deportation relief to millions of undocumented immigrants, President Barack Obama was repeatedly interrupted by immigration activists.
But the dropping of Obama's name may really indicate that Mayor Rahm Emanuel's attempt to gin up good will with the city's
After Obama paid for his meal -- "I don't take free food," he quipped, according to the Chicago Tribune -- he met with supporters
The president's speeches on gun violence have started to feel routine as he travels around the country advocating for his
Michelle Obama attended Hadiya's funeral in Chicago last Saturday. Her parents then sat with the first lady Tuesday during
While we mourn Hadiya and all the young people in Chicago who are the victims of gun violence, the Black Youth Project is still waiting for the president to comprehensively address gun violence in the city.
President Barack Obama returned to his home city of Chicago on Thursday, taking a brief break from campaigning to vote early
The back-to-school event is one of the oldest and largest African-American parades in the country. Organizers previously
Michelle Obama has planned stops at the Gary Comer Youth Center on her native South Side, an extracurricular and educational
In 2000, Barack Obama, then a state senator, sat down with his two Democratic opponents in a race for the 1st Congressional
President Obama was last in town for a fundraiser at the Aragon Ballroom in Uptown in August and he kicked off his re-election
On the eve of President Obama's 50th birthday, he was in his home town of Chicago, taking a respite from political battles
Republicans have called Obama the "campaigner-in-chief," and ripped his birthday fundraisers at a time of high unemployment
In preparation for the event, Uptown Update reports that trucks have been spotted unloading equipment in front of the theater
As President Obama prepares for his 50th birthday bash in Chicago, some are hoping to catch a glimpse of him without coughing
Also while in Illinois, Romney also announced that Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford will serve as the campaign's state
After N9NE, Obama headed to MK where donor shelled out a whopping a $35,800-per-person to dine with the president. Check
He will reportedly spend the night in his Hyde Park home before returning to the White House on Friday. The president and