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The Obama Foundation again delayed the decision when Emanuel was facing a runoff challenge in the recent mayoral race -- it
Barack and Michelle Obama are seriously considering moving to New York after his presidency, and building the Obama Library
Speaking Tuesday in Chicago, Illinois about his decision to provide deportation relief to millions of undocumented immigrants, President Barack Obama was repeatedly interrupted by immigration activists.
The Chicago Tribune notes there are plenty of other things that have also been named for the 44th president: a species of
Someone behind the counter captured a portion of Obama's time at Valois on video: Obama arrived in Chicago early Thursday
The president's speeches on gun violence have started to feel routine as he travels around the country advocating for his
Michelle Obama attended Hadiya's funeral in Chicago last Saturday. Her parents then sat with the first lady Tuesday during
While we mourn Hadiya and all the young people in Chicago who are the victims of gun violence, the Black Youth Project is still waiting for the president to comprehensively address gun violence in the city.
President Barack Obama returned to his home city of Chicago on Thursday, taking a brief break from campaigning to vote early
The back-to-school event is one of the oldest and largest African-American parades in the country. Organizers previously