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BEIJING -- It will embolden Japan to act more aggressively and could even drag the U.S. into a war it never intended.
World leaders made both moral and practical progress in the debate on climate change this week.
The summit was historic more because it happened than because it achieved anything.
The provision, which bars countries that engage in slavery from being part of major trade deals with the U.S., was written
The china features a color called "Kailua Blue" inspired by the waters of Hawaii, according to the AP. The Chicago Sun-Times
“You don’t want a war with Iran,” O'Reilly said. “You don’t want to bomb that country because the unintended consequences
The U.S. chose a policy that could be called "integrate and insure." China was welcomed into the World Trade Organization, but the U.S.-Japan security treaty was revived to insure against China becoming a bully. If a rising China throws its weight around, it drives neighbors to seek to balance its power. In that sense, only China can contain China.
The Bahrain deal did, in fact, bar this kind of repression. But after receiving an official trade violation complaint from