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But simply by virtue of its role, the CIA has historically played outside the lines. “The CIA has never publicly committed
With such broad criteria, the Obama White House has blurred the line between “civilian” and “militant” -- while declining
The negotiations have now stretched more than six months since the panel first voted to declassify the document, dashing
Several officials said that the committee report alleges that the CIA did not thoroughly brief then-President George W. Bush
When congressional Republicans complete manipulating the Benghazi tragedy, it will be time for the virtually silent Senate Intelligence Committee to take up three major issues that have been largely ignored.
When Bush's second term began in 2005, Brennan left government to work for a company that provides counterterror analysis
Obama Introduces John Brennan To Head CIA
President Obama began his first term with a dramatic change of course for the CIA, issuing orders on his second day in office
One thing is certain: American war-making (along with its spies and its diplomats) is heading ever deeper into "the shadows." Expect yet more clandestine operations in ever more places with, of course, ever more potential for blowback in the years ahead.
When it comes to military policy, the Obama administration's success in shutting down wars conducted in plain sight tells only half the story, and the lesser half at that.
In these last years, while so many Americans were foreclosed upon or had their homes go "underwater" and the construction industry went to hell, the intelligence housing bubble just continued to grow.
What's worse: to be persecuted and indicted for trying to expose an act of wrongdoing -- or to be ignored for doing so?
CIA Deputy Director Steve Kappes helped cover up the death of a detainee at a secret interrogation facility in Afghanistan
The president should be challenged. His campaign words on torture are empty, rendered meaningless with his "new" policy on rendition.
I have no doubt that the Attorney General is acting in what he believes to be the country's best interest. I also have no doubt that launching this inquiry will have a catastrophic effect on the CIA.
"I write to encourage you to do so," Feingold said, "but also to urge you to focus on holding accountable the architects
WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is leaning toward keeping secret some graphic details of tactics allowed in Central
Certainly, Woolsey sees Panetta as someone who can be a capable chief spy for the incoming White House. But the relationship