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Administration bails on controversial college ratings system, but declare it's not a "retreat."
He then shifted his attention to a 1983 article called "Breaking the War Mentality," which Obama penned for a campus magazine
Zimpher, the chancellor of the State University of New York system, has become the White House’s go-to college president
When choosing a college, remember that tuition cost shouldn't be the only way to calculate the value of your degree -- investing in schools with better internships, contacts or special programs can help you continue to build wealth years after you graduate.
All of us know that more must be done. But is this plan a good solution? The "best value" rating system may seem plausible at first glance, but there can be no doubt that it will do much unintended harm to higher education in America.
By the very act of forcing the dialogue, Obama has led us on a crucial and courageous first step toward a better and more equitable bargain -- not just for the middle class and the millions of students who can't afford to attend college, but for the nation.
The president will speak at New York's Binghamton University and Pennsylvania's Lackawanna College in Scranton. The president
With the College Scorecard, students have a service that wouldn't be provided elsewhere. Even if students research colleges on their own, they are more likely to find information that is skewed, biased or disorganized.
The bottom line is that we all need to be held accountable, but those of us who work in public higher education can't do it alone. America's success is fundamentally connected to the state of our education system.
Obama, who relied heavily on university student support in the 2008 election, is making a concerted effort to energize the
Asking colleges and states to take on more of the cost of reforms will lead to bigger tuition increases, not smaller ones. Something must be done, but experienced educators will tell you this "new" plan isn't the way to go.
Santorum needn't worry. America is already making it harder for young people of modest means to attend college. Public higher education is being starved, and the middle class will shrink even more as a result.
Santorum, Feb. 26: And what I’ve said is that you know I want everyone to have the opportunity to go to college or any other
So, uhm...how about college transcripts? Yeah, we'll go with college transcripts, which Ed Henry brought up at today's White
Endurance we can believe in? According to a new survey from the Harvard Institute of Politics, young adults still overwhelmingly
Boesche and Obama reunited in 2009 after not seeing each other for nearly 30 years. Boesche said that Obama was still bruised
According to a White House fact sheet on the speech, Obama has several plans in motion to make college more affordable, including
The elevated youth involvement during Obama's presidential run was largely the exception to the rule. And most seasoned observers
Holding the official event along with his political appearances means the White House could bill taxpayers for most of the