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Moreover, when it came time to whip votes for the measure, House Democrats were left without much instruction. It wasn't
The mood towards the Obama administration is best characterized as ambivalent: Thirty-two percent of Americans surveyed thought
President Barack Obama spoke Thursday shortly after the Senate approved his plan to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight
"You hear some of 'em, 'sue him, impeach him,'" Obama said, then added a sarcastic, "Really?" By Steve Holland "I remember
The poll, which was conducted by Democracy Corps in battleground congressional districts and shared in advance with The Huffington
The pages touting lawmakers' reelection, or advertising the work they do in the House or Senate, often show how closely they
Obama said Republican "obstruction" this year may be a good political strategy if Democrats do not vote in the mid-terms
For avid golfers like Obama, the property boasts two championship 18-hole golf courses. The club also has a swimming lagoon
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is challenging Congress to help him create jobs and rebuild the nation's infrastructure
Hi, everybody. Restoring the idea of opportunity for all requires a year of action from all of us. Wherever I can act on